Public Safety

Public safety starts with investing in our communities and the people that serve them. Dave believes in supporting our First Responders and public safety professionals by providing additional resources to keep communities safe and healthy. Dave will also continue to advocate for common sense gun safety laws, responsible gun storage and use, and accessible mental health treatment to end preventable gun deaths.


Dave believes that everyone deserves a place to call home, and that starts with investing in affordable and safe housing. He supports increased funding for home care and repairs, especially for people on fixed incomes, as well as advocating for safer construction and maintenance practices for buildings. Dave knows the importance of keeping people in their homes, and he will always advocate for affordable housing.


For too long our schools have underperformed even with dedicated teachers, coaches and parents who are trying their hardest under difficult circumstances. Dave will work with school districts to ensure every child receives a quality education and is on a path towards success. Dave will listen to parents and work toward creating more equitable funding for school districts with limited resources and work tirelessly to expand Pre-K to all school districts.


Dave knows what it means to have a good paying union job. In his role at the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, Dave worked with non-profits like United Way to connect unemployed or underemployed individuals with good paying jobs. Dave will continue to work on policies to project union jobs in the district and will also work on workforce development programs that lead towards family sustaining wages.


Pennsylvania’s roads and bridges are in dire need of repair and we need to think of innovative ways to fund our infrastructure needs. Dave will work with PennDOT, Dauphin County, and local governments to bring much needed investment to our infrastructure, to address flooding from the Paxtang Creek, and provide more resources to stop the pollution cascading into the Susquehanna River.